In addition to the graphic design itself, I like to work on projects that need me or that I think our society needs. These are mainly cultural projects, exhibitions and workshops for design students.

POSTER civic association

FreeDom gallery

BuryZone club

Tolerance 2, Klarisky, Bratislava, curator (2020)
Tolerance, Most SNP, Bratislava, curator (2020)
Lech Majewski – Head in Picture, Polish Institute, Bratislava, curator (2019)
ROZZZKAZ, Facebook, texts, project manager (2019)
Workshop FAKE NEWS, Trnava, project manager (2018)
TPT 2018, Trnava, project manager, curator (2018)
Eduardo Barrera Arambarri – Post the motherposting posters, FUGA, Bratislava, curator (2016)
FORK – installation for today, Facebook, photo, video, project manager (2016)
ISTA OSOBA, Facebook, texts, project manager (2016)
APOSTERIORI, Slovak Institute, Warsaw, curator (2015)
TPT 2015, Trnava, project manager, curator (2015)
István Orosz in Satelit, Satelit gallery, Bratislava, curator (2012)
Workshop POSTER TO STREET AND STREAM, Trnava, project manager, lecturer (2012)
TPT 2012, Trnava, project manager, curator (2012)
Workshop TYPO-TOPO, Báhoň, project manager, curator (2011)
Workshop RURAL POSTER, Báhoň, project manager, curator (2009)
TPT 2009, Trnava, member of the organizing committee (2009)
FREEDOM Gallery, Báhoň, founder, project manager (2008-2011)
TPT 2006, Trnava, member of the organizing committee (2006)
MASA – Mars Affairs Space Agency, Mobile Studios, Bratislava, lecturer (2006)
Workshop World Culture, VŠVU, Bratislava, co-organizer (2006)
Workshop DROP-IN, VŠVU, Bratislava, co-organizer (2004)
Workshop ***** POSTER, VŠVU, Bratislava, co-organizer (2003)
MULTIPLACE Festival, Bratislava, co-founder (2002)
Za Gagarinom Festival, Bratislava, co-organizer (2001)
BURYZONE Club and Gallery, Bratislava, co-founder, project manager (2001-2003)
Workshop SCP, Ružomberok, co-organizer (1993)