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Last updated on 1 April 2020

Dear visitor, I am glad that you visited parso.pro. Please take a look at the information designed to protect your rights and secure purchases in my Store.

By using the Site, its services and our products, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, agree and know that you are bound by our Rules. The policy is always valid from the date it was last updated. I am only liable for any damage caused by improper use of my services and products within the limits of the law.

Links to other websites
My site may contain links to websites that are not owned and controlled by me.

If you have questions about this policy, please contact us.


  • Site – parso.pro
  • Shop – e-shop on Page
  • Visitor – Anyone who visits the Site
  • Registered User – anyone who registers to the Database via the Site
  • Buyer – anyone who completes and sends an Order
  • Seller – Robert Paršo (parso.pro)
  • Goods – digital products and services listed on the Site or in the Order
  • Specification – exact Product description
  • Price – reward for provided Goods
  • Order – an electronic form where the Buyer confirms the Goods that he undertakes to accept and pay for it
  • Contract – Order approved by the Seller
  • Database – secure site on the Site server
  • Intellectual property – Robert Paršo (parso.pro) reserves all rights to protect his know-how, copyright, databases, design, models, patents, trade names and internet domains
  • Copyright – content protection
  • License – granting rights to use the work to the specified extent and time
  • Copyright Act – rules for the protection of works and designs


  • The information and Goods on my Site are protected by copyright and their use is clearly determined by the License.
  • For full functionality of the Site I need your consent to the use of Cookies or the processing of basic personal data.
  • The online store is not designed for people under 16 years of age. Younger persons may use it only with the consent of their legal representative.
  • You are responsible for the accuracy of the data you provide. I am not liable for errors caused by your negligence.
  • You may not use my products or services for illegal activity.
  • I reserve the right to evaluate the seriousness of violations of my policies and to take appropriate action.
  • Contact robert@parso.pro for more information.


Site and Store Operator parso.pro

Mgr.art. Robert Parso
EMAIL robert@parso.pro
PHONE +421 948 502 611

900 84 Kaplna 111
Slovak republic

We are subject to the laws of the European Union and the Slovak Republic.


Shop at parso.pro Store can a regular Visitor or Registered User.

Registering your basic personal information allows you to save settings, subscribe to news, get discounts or other benefits.

The Goods in the Store are for personal use only and are protected by Copyright and their use is determined by the License.

We offer digital products, which will be available to you immediately upon payment.

We reserve the right to change the prices of our products. The Buyer is bound by the Price specified in the Order at the time of Purchase of the Goods.

The order is made up of Goods in the basket. Its content can be changed until the moment of Payment.

In order to complete the Purchase, the Buyer must confirm the content of the Order and give its consent to the Price of the Goods and the use of Personal Data to the necessary extent. By submitting a completed Order, the Buyer is obliged to pay the stated Price and concludes the Contract at a distance.

Payment is made online in Euro, via secure payment services. Possible payment methods are listed in the Order and are subject to change.

I will confirm the payment and the transfer of the rights to the Goods by proof of purchase or by invoice.

The user rights and License pass to the Buyer upon successful Payment.

The Buyer will immediately gain access to the electronic content. Details will be provided in the Order and Proof of Purchase.

By the law the right of withdrawal shall not apply to digital goods and services.

The consumer may not withdraw from the contract of which it is – the provision of electronic content other than on a tangible medium, where the provision of such content has started with the express consent of the consumer and the consumer has declared that he has been fully advised that he is losing his right of withdrawal.

The warranty period for our services and Goods is 24 months. Complaint time is max 30 days. The warranty on the Goods shall be extended by the period of the claim, in the case of a new Goods 24 months.

Digital goods are considered to be consumed upon delivery, so a warranty claim does not offer a refund. However, any defective, damaged, or lost digital content during the period of warranty will be made available to the Buyer upon request within 30 days, or replaced with other Goods of the same price, or we will provide you with a credit for purchase in my store.

Contact robert@parso.pro for more information.